Different Positions in Poker  

Position is the term used in referring in where players are seated at the table. The players position arrangement is determined by three positions: early position, middle position and late position. You will know that you are in the Early Position if you are on the left side of the Dealer. Online Gamblers called it EP to abbreviate it. The first three players are included in the Early Position and are the ones who will act first.

The Early Position is considered as the worst position because you don't know how the other players will act since you are the one who should act first in the game. You don't have any time to think that is why you should play only the best cards you can have if you are seated in this position. The first player on the left of the Dealer will be the Small Blind and the second player from the dealer who is seated on the left side of the Small Blind will be the Big Blind.

In Poker, Blinds are described as forced bets by players in the early position in a flop style poker game. Usually Blinds are only two, but there can be one or three depending on the rules. Small Blinds is the player seated on the left side of the Dealer. Players who are in this position needs to invest half the bet. In a heads-up game, players on the button will be the Small Blind and the other is the Big Blind.

Big Blinds are the player next to the Small Blind. Since the game is on clockwise the player on the left side of the Small Blind is automatically considered as the Big Blind. Usually Big Blinds is equal to the minimum bet. After the Small Blind act, Big Blind is the first to act in the betting round. If all the players call, the Big Blind is given the chance to raise. This is called a Live Blind. If the live blind checks then the betting round ends.

Under the Gun is the one called to a player seated on the left side of the Big Blind. They are the first player to take action on the pre-flop or the first betting round before the flop. Besides being one of the players in the Early Position, being Under The Gun is considered the worst position you can have. Although in a positional disadvantage, you can try to play how other players will play their hand.

Players who are in the Middle Position starts to act after the Under The Gun player made his move. It is not the worst, it is also not the best position either. If you are in this position, you might like to change your strategy to conservative rather than the usual aggressive approach. Mainly because your in the middle and not all players have made their move. You might be to early to decide or too late to change your mind.

Being in the Late Position is considered one of the best positions in a Poker game. This is because you already know how to play your cards since you've already seen most of the players' actions in the table. This will help you decide whether to Check, Call, Raise or Fold. Players included in the Last Position are the Cutoff, the Hijack, and the Dealer.


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