Jacks Or Better Game Review  

Jacks or Better, said to be one of the oldest and famous video poker variation ever released. A game developed by Microgaming, the game played with complete 52 deck cards. An all time favorite video poker variation of an average video poker player, and is where most online casinos earn a reasonable large revenue.

Being one of the easiest to understand video poker variation, it is also the best game for beginners to learn their card game skills. Jacks Or Better will give you utmost satisfaction and skill sharpening ways to improve your card skill.

Game Objective

The aim of the game is for the player to create one of the winning hands while creating a Jacks Or Better hand is the lowest payout. And of course, the highest payout for the game is the highest hand of Royal Flush. Other than the royal flush, a player can also make other hands which is included in the game, but with a lower payout percentage.

Hand Rankings and their Payouts

  • Royal Flush (highest paid hand up to 4000 with 5 coin bets)
  • Straight Flush (up to 250 with 5 coin bets )
  • Four Of A Kind (up to 125 with 5 coin bets)
  • Full House (up to 45 with 5 coin bets)
  • Flush (up to 30 with 5 coin bets)
  • Straight (up to 20 with 5 coin bets)
  • Three Of A Kind (up to 15 with 5 coin bets)
  • Two Pair (up to 10 with 5 coin bets)
  • Jacks Or Better (up to 5 with 5 coin bets)

Some 5 Simple Strategies That Can Be Used On The Game

When being dealt with a non-paying hand in the course of the game, you can hold any four cards to straight flush and flush to the game.
You can hold any three cards in order for you to make a royal flush and straight flush.
Player can hold lower pairs like tens or lower card value, or nay single high card.
If you have 10, J, Q, or K with same or different suits, always hold all of it.
When you have at hand a combination of either AKJ or AQK, get rid of the ace.


The Jacks Or Better Video Poker is available and can be played at the following casinos:

  • Go Casino
  • Cherry Red Casino
  • Rushmore Casino
  • Online Vegas Casino


The Jacks or Better is a complete 52 deck cards with a game speed that can be adjusted depending on the preferred speed of the player. It also has an Autoplay feature for player convenience. The game also allows doubling during the game course.

The minimum bet for the game is 0.25, while the maximum is 25. Now get your chance of playing the game as it rattles you to win big and enjoy! The most awaited video poker is here for players like you. So hurry now and play!


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